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CFO Services: Virtual | Part-time | Hybrid | Interim

CRO - Chief Restructuring Officer / CEO & COO

Access to an experienced CFO at a considerably lower cost vs. hiring a full time CFO

You may have reached a point where you need professional financial advice but cannot justify the cost of hiring a full time financial professional or where you can no longer afford your full time CFO. If so, bringing in a Virtual or Part-time CFO may be a great solution. You focus on improving your business, reducing your time distracted by financial issues and rest easy knowing the financial part of your business is professionally managed.


Regardless of service, we customize our offering to your needs and become part of your team committed to your goals, objectives and business culture. 


Virtual CFO is a cloud based fixed fee subscription service that is a great way for businesses with revenue between $1 million and $50 million to access the executive skills and know-how of a seasoned CFO on a “virtual” basis which means we work remotely, interacting with you and your team at planned weekly and monthly intervals along with "virtual real-time" access when there are pressing issues requiring CFO interaction via electronic communication.


Part-time CFO is a flexible rate-based service with a varying cost determined by the amount of time you require on or off site or in combination. Typically, organizations utilizing this service have dedicated time requirements of 6 to 20 hours per week. The beauty of this service is you can custom tailor your hours to your needs as they fluctuate.


Hybrid CFO is the fixed fee subscription service of our Virtual CFO service with an on-site carve out of our Part-time CFO, tailored to your specific needs. This is the ultimate choice for the enterprise requiring on-site time for team development, planning, strategy meetings, etc., while requiring "virtual real-time" access. This would typically be 4 to 10 hours per week on-site with the rest being within the virtual environment.

Interim CFO needs can be unplanned and require you to act quickly. We can step in and not miss a beat until your long-term solution is in place whether it's the result of permanent departure, leave of absence, financial crisis or pre-sale preparation. Engagements are typically one to six months.

CRO - Chief Restructuring Officer Services

On an interim basis given within certain restrictions - broad powers to restructure and renegotiate all aspects of a company's finances required to ensure the entity's stabilization or reorganization.


CEO & COO Services

On an interim basis where there is a need to provide temporary management continuance due to the absence or separation of the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operating Officer.

​​​​​What we do

  • Accounting and finance CFO duties, part-time on site, remote or on a "virtual real-time" basis.

  • Month-end close, financial statement review, analysis and KPIs with valuable insight.

  • Monitor the financial health of your business including cash flow.

  • Offer financial insight and guidance on all company discussions and issues.

  • Manage external professional relationships.

  • Establish virtual meeting schedule on key business drivers.

  • Utilize cloud services to safely and securely synchronize and transfer data.

  • Provide virtual support via electronic communication.


The process

  • No charge meeting in-person if practical or web-based to discuss current state, needs and issues.

  • After our analysis we will present to you a customized proposal detailing our services and costs.

  • When we begin there will be a 3 to 6 week on-boarding process where we streamline processes, and get up to speed with your people and processes.

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