Improve earnings, enterprise value and increase liquidity

Performance Improvement & Optimization


Revenue, Marketing & Customer Experience | Cost Reduction & Downsizing

Pricing, Costing & Margin Optimization | Planning, Forecasting & Reporting

Debt & Working Capital Management | Production Capacity & Efficiency


Capitalize on Core Strengths and Identify Improvements Required for Measurable Profits

Sustained losses didn't start overnight and change requires a self obviating process that gets management and stakeholders bought into the current state and the vision to consistent profits.

Revenue, Marketing & Customer Experience

Incorporating the measurement of customer experience with the value proposition offered fed through the company's marketing vehicle positions the business to perform top line growth with the proper reporting and customer experience measures to adapt to changing market conditions.

Cost Reduction & Downsizing

Invariably most management teams believe they are "cost efficient" in their budgeting of costs required to efficiently operate and be profitable however the proper measurement and feedback process needs to be implemented to insure costs are aligned with achievable objectives. Downsizing is typically the result of overcapacity or the introduction of production or customer delivery efficiencies deemed permanent therefore replacing or reducing the need for certain resources - space, equipment, people, etc.


Pricing, Costing & Margin Optimization


Critical to any Performance Improvement strategy is the alignment of the ability for the company to produce/deliver goods and services at a price the market dictates at a costing structure that can be timely, consistently and repetitively delivered utilizing output capacity sufficiently.


Planning, Forecasting & Reporting

Day to day business driven by a plan incorporating expectations and the proper timely reporting to ensure management the opportunity to understand business performance relative to expectations in a timely fashion to ensure management the opportunity to make adjustments to business execution.

Debt & Working Capital Management

Where practical, incorporating planning, forecasting and reporting insight to adequately anticipate debt coverage, leverage and sufficiency of available capital to achieve short and intermediate term objectives.

​​Production Capacity & Efficiency

Utilizing a costing structure to ascertain sales mix expectations and sufficient allocation of capacity to expected product output requirements in order to ascertain productive capacity requirements that align with sales volume and mix expectations.

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