Deal with crisis, create options and implement turnaround plan

Turnaround & Restructuring

Turnaround Management & CRO | Crisis & Interim Management

Debt Restructuring & Vendor Negotiation | Cash Flow Management

Viability Assessment | Financial & Operational Restructuring


Financial Stabilization for Distressed Organizations where the future is doubtful

Time is of the essence and current management is ill equipped and possibly overwhelmed by the realities of the damage occurring to their business. This is where you need the calm expertise of a seasoned turnaround professional, hands-on in your business assessing the situation and preparing a plan ready to be implemented.

Turnaround Management & CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer)

Expertise not only in the stabilization and turnaround of your business but also a keen knowledge of your industry and the resources that brings to the situation.

Crisis & Interim Management

We'll take it from here to assist in getting your business stable and on its way back to the proper measures of performance.


Debt Restructuring & Vendor Negotiation


Our years of experience in securing and renegotiating debt enables us to provide the clear path to the best debt restructuring and vendor arrangements.


Cash Flow Management


Critical first step in any distressed situation - get a handle on cash and speak with clarity to external obligations as to required.


Viability Assessment

Critical evaluation of current state along with an assessment of workout plan probability for success. This assessment spawns a turnaround plan driving restructuring and business stabilization.

Financial & Operational Restructuring

An efficient repositioning of the financial and operational aspects of the business from pricing and production strategy to headcount and production capacity considerations.

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